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 Today Flipkart Daily Quiz Answers | All Quiz Answers Are Here - 13'th October

Flipkart Quiz Answers

    Flipkart daily quiz all answers are here. Flipkart quiz is a very popular game. By giving the correct quiz answers you can earn a lot of Flipkart Super Coins. And this is not at all, you can get Smartphones, TV, Headphone, Washing Machine and many other things. So this is a very valuable quiz for us.

But if you are giving wrong answers will be unable to qualify to get a minimum of 5 Super Coin as a reward on every quiz in Flipkart. So this is very important that you are giving all the answers correctly.

Flipkart Quiz Answers - 13'th October 2021

1. Flipkart Fake Or Not

    Play Flipkart Fake Or Not quiz game and win many prizes, cash, Flipkart Gift vouchers worth RS. 1000 and assured minimum 2 super coins by giving all answers correct. 

You will be asked 3 questions on that quiz. You have only 10 seconds for each question answer. 

Questions And Answers:

S4E298: Rocky Nora

1. Nora Fatehi made her Bollywood debut with the film 'Rocky Handsome'

    Ans:- Fake

2. The most venomous animal on the earth is a snail.

    Ans:- Not Fake

3. Serena Williams won the woman's singles final at us open 2021.

    Ans:- Not Fake

Play Flipkart Fake Or Not quiz only on the Flipkart app

2. Flipkart Kya Bolti Public

    This is also a quiz game on Flipkart. Here are 3 questions for you and you have to answer the all questions correctly to qualify for the quiz game. If you won the quiz you will get assured super coin, gifts, awesome prizes, cash, and more. 

Questions And Answers:

E27: Work Morning Ya Night

1. What time of the day do people like working or late at night?

    Ans:- Late Night

2. Is spoken English is necessary to get a job?

    Ans:- Yes

3. Who is the better digit content creator? 

    Ans:- Prajkta Kohli

Play Flipkart Kya Bolti Public quiz only on the Flipkart app

3. Flipkart Power Play 

    Flipkart Power Play is also a Flipkart quiz game. You will be asked 6 questions on that quiz. If you give all the 6 questions right then you can get many expensive rewards daily. 

Here are today's all 6 answers, and read the question carefully to give the right answer. 

Questions And Answers:

E44: HYD vs MUM | BLR vs DEL

1. Who will win this game?

    Ans:- Mumbai

2. How many wickets will fall in this match?

    Ans:- Less than 12

3. How many runes will Rohit Sharma scored in this match?

    Ans:- 84

4. Who will score more runs?

    Ans:- D Padikkal

5. How many sixes will Glenn Maxwell hit in this match?

    Ans:- 2 or more

6. Who will win this game?

    Ans:- Bangalore

Play Flipkart Power Play quiz only on the Flipkart app

4. Flipkart Dam Sahi Hai

    Play Flipkart Dam Sahi Hai and win many exciting prizes, smartphones, smartwatches, Home theater every day. Just give just 3 question answers and qualify for the prizes.

So here are the Flipkart Dam Sahi Hai today's question answers.

Questions And Answers:

E155: Toaster Oven

1. Is the MPR of Whirlpool 325L Frost Free Convertable Refrigerator greater than or less than 35,000?

    Ans:- Greater than 35,000

2. The MPR of Prestige Omega Marble Fry Pan falls under which prize range?

    Ans:- 999 - 1199

3. Which is the MPR of Borosil Oven Toaster Grill?

    Ans:- 9,690

Play Flipkart Dam Sahi Hai quiz only on the Flipkart app

That's all, This is all the Flipkart quiz answers. Hope it will helpful for you. Now you can easily give all quiz answers right. If you have any questions you can comment below. For further queries, you can contact us at our email address. Thank you for reading.  

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