PUBG Lite Free BC - Daily Watch Video Problem Solved (100%)


 PUBG Mobile Lite Watch Video Not Counting | Now Problem Solved - Watch 3 Video Get 5 BC Daily

    PUBG Mobile Lite is a very interesting game overall in the world. In 2017 after PUBG Mobile launched in the world they launched, they also launched the lite version of the game in 2019 that's call PUBG Lite. Since the PUBG Mobile game was very famous all over the world, the company made PUBG Lite for the player's demand. Because the PUBG Lite global game was made for high-end devices, and to cover the maximum number of devices PUBG Mobile Lite was made. Now the PUBG lite is also a very loving game for online players. And this game is now one of the most popular games in the world. 

But now the situation is wrong in India. Because our Indian government was banned all Chinese apps included PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite from India. Now in India any players can not play PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite without VPN. But now after a long time, the PUBG came back again with the name of BGMI that can you play legally. Although they never launched the alternate game of PUBG Lite. So now the PUBG Lite players are playing this game with VPN. 

What Is The Problem For Watched Video In PUBG Mobile Lite?

    So now in India, one of the major problems of PUBG lite is if we watch video ads from the mission reward section then the watching is not counted however you watched a video ad successfully. Then if you watch more videos, there are no effects. And the other problem is if you watched a video then the next video may not load instantly. You have to wait for 2-3 minutes to watch the next video.

We know that we can upgrade the PUBG Lite Elite pass free of cost by watching 3 videos daily. And as a return, we get 5 BC coins daily for free. So this is a great deal that we can upgrade Elite pass and spend BC coin without any purchase. So all players are want to claim this offer and when they go to watch videos they failed to complete the tasks and do not receive any BC. So this is a big problem for the PUBG lite players. 

PUBG Mobile Lite Watched Video Not Counting Why?

    As you know the PUBG Lite game is now banned in India. For a big fan of the PUBG lite community, the game is now also playing in India but with a VPN. And this is the main reason that why the watched video is not counting. Now in PUBG lite, there is no server for India country. However, we use VPN there is continually a connectivity issue between the virtual network and the real network. So this is very simple to face this type of problem in India. And this is the reason that why the watched video is not counting. 

How To Solve The Problem?

    Ok, now if you are facing the problem constantly then you can use these tricks in your PUBG Lite account. 

If you are watching video ads in PUBG lite and after watching many videos if your watched videos are not counting then feel free and follow the below tips-

1. Tip-

    The first trick is your VPN. This is the most important factor for this issue. Please use a good VPN and then watch a video in PUBG lite. If you are using the wrong VPN with the wrong server then no matter how many videos you are watching, every watched video will be worst. The best VPN for watching videos is Quick VPN. This is the best and free VPN for all. You can use this VPN and connect to the Singapore server then try to watch a video. So go and use this trick. This is a very effective trick. 

2. Tip-

    If your problem is not solving after changing VPN then you can try this tick. This is also an effective trick to successfully count your watched video. If you are watching videos continually without any gameplay then your watched video may not be counted. So, play a match wherever you want to play TDM mode no matters, just play a match and then try to watch a video. And continually do this three times. Just keep in mind after a successful video watching play a match then try again. This trick may help you to count your watched video successfully. 

3. Tip-

    This is another tip for you. After following the above steps, when you are watching at that moment after the end of the ad, don't cut the ad instantly. Stay on the ad page after finishing the video watching at least 1-2 minutes. You can scroll the ad page and see the app screenshot (you don't need to install any app). After that, now you can cut the ad page. And your ads will be definitely counted. 


    At last, if you are still facing the problem continues then you can try this last way to make a solution to this issue. You can go to the customer support section and make a complaint regarding your issue. Tell the customer care representative that you are watching video ads and it still not counting. And tell him to give you a solution as soon as possible so that you can continue the game in the future. And they may help you better. 

    We hope you find the solution to your problem from this article. If you have still any questions regarding this article you can comment below. For suggestions and other queries, you can directly mail us at our email address. We will definitely reply to you as soon as possible. We hope you like this content. Thank you for reading. 

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