PUBG Mobile Lite: Free Redeem Code For Today (No Ban) 2021


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PUBG Lite Free Skins

    PUBG Lite Is one of the most popular games in the gaming community. We know that PUBG is the most popular game in the world. And PUBG Lite is the lite version of PUBG. Since the PUBG lite belongs to PUBG so this is also a popular game and feel like PUBG to play. And this is a lite version of PUBG, so PUBG lite doesn't require a high specs device. In India, most players have low-end devices, and they are unable to afford a high-end device. So maximum players can not play BGMI on their low-end phone. That's why now in India PUBG lite is also maintained its popularity as well as before the ban. And many players who have a good smartphone also play PUBG lite till now because they love to play PUBG lite as compare to BGMI. 

So there is no confusion about the popularity of PUBG lite. And without any doubt, the PUBG lite players want to upgrade their account, BC, gun skin, winner pass, premium outfit, latest car skin, upgradable skin, etc. Everyone wants to show off their skins, premium outfits. 

But every player does not have enough money to invest in the game. And it is very costly to purchase these skins. If you are a student then you definitely should not spend your money on the game. So today here we are going to reveal some gun skins, premium outfits, car skins, emotes, and many other things for PUBG Mobile Lite with absolutely free. Let's see the redeem code for PUBG lite and also see the way to redeem it in your PUBG lite id. 

What Is Redeem Code For PUBG Mobile Lite?

    So, if you purchase BC or UC from other sites or platforms (means without in-game purchase) then you noticed that there you need to fill your game id and they send your item in your game's game box and you need to claim it manually. As same, you need to fill the redeem code on the PUBG Lite official site for your item and then you will be asked to fill your game id. After that, without any problem, your reward will be automatically transferred to your game's mailbox. Then once you collect your reward from the mailbox, the item will be yours. But anyone can not generate the redeem code randomly. The game company generates the codes for events or other promotions. We just collect and provide these to you. 

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PUBG Mobile Lite Free Redeem Codes For Today

    Here are some redeem codes for PUBG Lite. The codes are limited and applicable only once in an account. So don't try to re-apply these codes after successfully redeem the same code. 

Here are some premium Guns Skin redeem codes for you-

Gift Name        

Redeem Code

AKM Gun Skin (Gold)              


UMP40 Gun Skin


S12K Short Gun Skin


S686 Short Gun Skin


Pan Skin Premium


M762 Gun Skin


Groza Gun Skin


QBZ Gun Skin


SCR-L Gun Skin


How To Use Claim PUBG Lite Redeem code?

    If you get a PUBG Lite's redeem code then first go to the official PUBG Mobile Lite Redeem code site. But if you are from India or another banned country then first connect with a VPN. Because without VPN the site can not be open from a banned country. So after going to the redeem code site you will be asked for your PUBG lite account ID. So to get your game id, go to your PUBG lite profile section and copy the account id. Once you copied your id again go back to PUBG lite redeem code side and paste your id in the box. Then in the second box, you will be asked for the main redeem code. So paste the redeem code that you got from our site and just within a second your reward item will be delivered to your game's mailbox

After completing the above steps you can go to your PUBG lite account and collect your premium item from the mailbox. 

Some other skins like vehicle, outfit, car skin, free Falcon redeem codes-

Daily limited bonus redeems code for M416 Glacier Premium skin - HUDVJKILGK. The shin code is refreshed daily so if you are late to redeem it then try every day. 

Gift Name

Redeem Code

Brilliant Anniversary Set


Mummy Set (Legendary)


Arctic Witch Set (Premium)


Smooth Hitman Set (Cat) with Emote


Anniversary Unicorn Set


Artic Witch Backpack


Avian Tyrant Set (Legendary)


Masked Psychic - M16A4 Gun Skin


Arachnoid - Kar98K


Dion Park - Pan Skin


Bloody Bite - DP28 (Premium)


Smooth Hitman UAZ


Anniversary Celebrate Buggy


Bonus Gifts



Will My PUBG Lite Account Ban If I Use Free Redeem Code?

    No, your account is absolutely safe if you redeem free items from code. Because the redeem codes are provided by PUBG lite officially and we are just collecting the codes and sharing those with you. So there is no reason to ban your account.

Can I Generate PUBG Lite Free Redeem Code?

    You, and we also can not generate any free redeem code to get free skins in PUBG lite. Only the PUBG lite game company can generate the redeem codes. So stay tuned with us and enjoy the free redeem codes.

Can I Redeem One Code In Multipurpal PUBG Lite Account?

    For premium and legendary skins items, one redeem code can be used only in one PUBG lite account. And for regular items, crates you can use the same codes in multipurpose accounts. But don't tense, because we update the PUBG Lite free redeem codes regularly. For high demand, some redeem codes can be expired quickly. So keep trying you will definitely get the skins. 

So this is the PUBG Lite free Redeem code for today. Hope it will now help you to get premium outfits, skins, and more gifts for your PUBG lite account. Now go and redeem your free legendary items. If you have any problem or need any type of help regarding this content you can comment to us below. For further queries, you can directly contact us on our email. Hope you like this content. Thank you for reading. 

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