How To Secure 100% Your Whatsapp With Phone Security [No App Need]


Secure Your Whatsapp App With Phone Setting | Make 100% Secure Your Messages And Chats

    Whatsapp! is now the most important thing for our daily life. This is also the biggest messenger and chatting app in the world. Since 2009 Whatsapp is our most user-friendly and favorite platform. Now if you want to send any messages and photos, you definitely use Whatsapp. Because this is the easiest and safe way to send a message. The most important point is Whatsapp doesn't show us any ads and as you know the maximum messaging apps show you unwanted and very disturbing ads every moment. But Whatsapp Messenger is totally free to use and never shows you a single ad at any time. That's why we love to use Whatsapp messenger as much. 

If you are a Whatsapp messenger user you definitely want to secure your personal messages and photos. If you lost your phone or give your phone to someone and you don't have any screen lock or app lock system, then your personal chats and images can be leaked. Which is not a good thing. So you need to set a lock in your Whatsapp app that's can be created easily with some simple steps. Now we will learn about it. That is how you can secure your Whatsapp messages with 100% security by your in-build phone setting. 

Why Do We Need To Lock Our Whatsapp App?

    Whatsapp is a very sensitive app on our phones. Because now all day we send or receive all messages and photos are very important for us. We never want that anyone would read our personal messages or see pictures. This is we talk about our privacy. Anything can happen once if our Whatsapp data is leaked. So we definitely need to lock our Whatsapp messenger. And if you already lock your smartphone only then this is not 100% safe because you definitely need to have a two-step verification to fully secure your Whatsapp privacy. That's why you definitely have to create an app lock for your safety. 

How Can You Secure Your Whatsapp Messenger App Without Any App?

    It is so simple to lock your Whatsapp Messenger with install any third-party apps. So you can lock and make safe your Whatsapp app with your in build smartphone setting. And it is also a very safe way to lock your Whatsapp. So let's see the process step by step-

Lock and Secure Your Whatsapp Without Any App-

1. The easiest way, first of all, create a password or pin or pattern lock for your phone [skip if you already have] by going to phone Setting > Fingerprint, Face & Password > Lock Screen Password and then turn on Fingerprint and Face lock feature if you have of if you need. Once you create the system your phone will be secured by your password and if anyone tries to open your Whatsapp then they can't do without your permission. 

2. After lock your phone successfully now it is time to double-safe your Whatsapp. And it is very important because if you give your phone anyone for need or if anybody knows your phone password and successfully opened your phone then they have another lock to break. And it is never possible to match a fingerprint to others. Because only your fingerprint lock and face lock can be used to open your Whatsapp that can not access anyone. 

3. Now to lock your Whatsapp messenger first open your Whatsapp messenger or Whatsapp Business Go to Setting > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint Lock > turn on Unlock with Fingerprint (Remember you need to create your Phone lock first to apply Whatsapp lock successfully). 

4. Once you turn on the setting you will ask for your final fingerprint verification. After you completed this process successfully you can now unlock your phone with your Fingerprint. Now you can select the option that how often you will ask for a fingerprint verification to open your WhatsApp. If you select Immediately then you will ask to verify your fingerprint every time when you open Whatsapp. And if you select 1 Minute or 30 Minutes then you will never ask for your fingerprint verification in this time (1 Minute or 30 Minutes) to reopen your Whatsapp. 

So this is how you can secure your Whatsapp privacy by lock your account. It may now help you to safe your privacy. If you have any questions regarding this article please explain them below. For further queries, you can contact us on our Gmail. We hope you liked our content. Thank you for reading this article.

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