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Hide instagram Chats

    Instagram is the most important app for us today. And side by side here has much personal information and personal chat. Daily we do many conversations with others and which is very important for us. On Instagram, we meet every personal and important person, and when we talk with them that is very important to make our conversations private. You would not want that any other third person read your personal messages. 

So this is very important to secure your Instagram chats with other persons. However, that is not possible that any other can read your personal messages without your smartphone. But any other person can see your personal Instagram chats by your phone notifications. So you need to solve it that anyone would unable to see the chats from your phone. But dont worry today we will teach you that how can you hide your Instagram chats and other conversations from other persons. 

Now we are going to solve your problem. Because we can understand that how important your privacy is. So, please read the below content carefully

How Can You Hide Your Instagram Messages From Others? 

    This is a simple process that can you hide your Instagram chats from others. So this problem is all about your notification, so you need to turn off your Instagram app notifications for incoming chat conversations. Don't worry this is so simple now learn below carefully that how can you turn off your Instagram app notifications and hide your chat:

    First of all, to hide your Instagram notifications go to your Instagram app info. Then tap the Manage Notification setting. And turn off 'Allow Notifications' from the setting.

If you don't want to show the message notification only on the lock screen, then you can also turn off 'Allow Notification On Lock Screen'. This setting is only for if you want your Instagram chat notification on the home screen and never on the lock screen. After that, if your phone is locked any person would not read your personal Instagram chats

You can also specify your notification from the setting. Like, what type of notifications you want from your Instagram account. For example, you can turn off the Likes notifications that's you got from your followers. As same as you can also turn off 'Chat Notification' Fron the setting. This is very simple. Just choose Chat Notification And then turn off Allow Notification

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How Others Can See Your Instagram Chats?

    As we said any other person can not see your personal messages without your phone or from other phones. So that is not the problem. But people can see your Instagram chats from your phone. No, they don't need to open your Instagram Account to see the messages. People can see your Instagram chats by,

  • If any known person takes your phone for his impotent, that time if anyone messages you on Instagram the person can read your messages easily from the notification on your phone. 
  • If your phone is put anywhere and you are not there then other people can see your Instagram messages from the notification. No matter your phone is locked. You don't need to unlock your phone by the notification bar.


1. Would It Make Any Impact If I Hide My Instagram Chat?

    No, there is no link with your Instagram account. It is completely safe to hide your notifications for hiding your chat notification. So you can apply it without any tension.

2. Is it legal To Hide My Instagram Chat?

Yes, It is 100% legal to hide your Instagram chat. And there is no about to secure your privacy. 

So this is how you can hide your Instagram chat from your home screen or lock screen notification bar. If you have any questions regarding this post then you can comment below. We will definitely reply to you as soon as possible. For further queries, you can contact us at our email address. We hope you are helped to read this content. Thank you for reading.

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