Vodafone And Idea (V!) - Merged Company Are Going To Merge With BSNL

 Again V! Are Going To Merge With BSNL | Vodafone And Idea Again Running In Loss | The Final Decision Of Government

    Vodafone was one of the biggest network service providers from starters. But after JIO came it was caped almost the maximum users of India. In 2015 JIO came with their six(6) months unlimited free internet and call package. Everyone who had their 4G phone took this advantage and that's why the other network service providers were getting down in the market. Only the large companies like Airtel and Vodafone were survived there with very hardly. And after six months when JIO end their free offer, that time JIO already made a place in the market and a big reputation at their customers. So everyone was shifting their other network provider to JIO 4G. Because that time only the JIO was giving the best recharge plans with less cost than others. And the other network service providers were unable to compete with JIO. Because the first reason is the other providers were running at a loss since JIO's free offers, and the second reason is, for their six-month loss they could not be less their recharge cost. So there was a big problem with other network providers. 

    Then in a few months, Vodafone came the third position after Airtel. And Idea network provider was fully downed. Then in 2020 the Vodafone and Idea company was merged and create a large company called Vi. And in a few months, they made an Indian number network service company with 44 crores (440M) subscribers. But again their project did not succeed. Again the Vi company dropped in 3rd rank because they were running in loss with worth about rs.2 lakh crores. Now the Vi (Vodafone & Idea) company has only 26 crore subscribers

    Now Kumar Mangalam Birla who has a 27% of share in Vi is already declared that he is ready to distribute his company share free of cost. Because the company is already running in loss. 

Vodafone & Idea (V!) Merging With BSNL?

    Now to recover from this loss the Vi company is trying to merge with BSNL. But the BSNL company openly declared that they do not want to take any market share from Vi. Because the share of 27% is a share of loss. Kumar Mangalam Birla has 27% company share but also has 27% loss, so why any company will carry the loss of a share? So this is a clear decision from BSNL.

The BSNL company is already at a loss, so they dont want to take this share. Kumar Mangalam Birla was tried to convince the government to take their 27% stake of share. And the government already give a loan of 70 thousand crores to BSNL and MTNL. The BSNL market strategy is not so good, so if they take the share of Vi then the company could be more break down. And it will affect all over India. So the government is not agreeing on this proposal from Vodafone & Idea. 

Now, What Is The Future Of Vodafone & Idea (V!)?

    This is clear that Vodafone is now at a big loss and anyone would not take their share anyway. So now there is two way to save the company. One is if the company got big funding as a loan or partnership or other and the second way is if the government gives a big fund as a mortgage instead of their company. And when the company (Vi) starts generating income they fill their money back to the government. Otherwise, this company might be closed forever. So this is important to get the company big funding. But this is not possible in a short time. So it will take about some years to recover the company

What You Need To Do Now?

    If you are a Vodafone operator user then don't worry. You don't need to port your sim to other networks now. Because at least this is a very big company and a very reputed company. This company will definitely be found a way to recover it again at any cost. So you don't need to take any tension. After all, this is the only company that gives us the best offers and prices at this time comparing other mobile networks. And this is the way how the company attracts to their users. So take this advantage and feel free. 

So this is the situation of the Vodafone & Idea company now. We hope you are helped to read this article. If you have any questions about this article then you can comment us. And also comment, now how can be the Vi company recovered. For other queries, please mail us at our email address. Thank you for reading. 

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