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 Best Top 3 VPN That's Gives You Constant 40ms Ping For Pubg Lite In India | With 100% For Free - TechnoHosters 

    Pubg Mobile Lite is now banned from India. But if you are a Pubg lite lover then you are playing it now also. Pubg lite is a liter version of Pubg Mobile, and Pubg lite is for low-end mobiles. So the players who dont have a good smartphone or a low-end smartphone are playing Pubg lite. And the players who love to play Pubg lite as a compere of BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) also playing Pubg lite in India. Players want to play Pubg lite and India has a high demand for playing this game. 

    Pubg lite is the same game as BGMI. Same gameplay experience and user interface. But the main difference is the graphics. Pubg lite's graphics are not bad but when you compare the graphics as BGMI then the main difference can be identified. Pubg lite size is less than BGMI that's why it can run also a low-end device. So now if you want to play Pubg lite in India then you can not open it without a VPN. Because we know that Pubg lite is now banned from India for some privacy issue. This game is not available on the play store in India. You can not install Pubg lite from the play store if you are in India. So VPN is the last way to play this game after the ban. 

What Is VPN?

    VPN's full form is Virtual Private Network. The main work of a VPN is, to change your IP address or location to other countries. So that we can access where we cant enter from your location. VPN helps us to make our network private and make us secure. So when we run Pubg lite from India then it's a popup notification that is area-restricted. Then we need a VPN to run this game successfully. And if you connect a VPN with a proper country network where the game is not banned, you can easily enter and play the game. 

    But you may face some problems if you are not connected with a proper VPN. No, you would not be disconnected from the VPN or like something. The main problem is ping. If you are not connected with a proper VPN then you will face high ping or other network issues during gameplay that is not a good thing as a gamer. It does not mean how good you play if your ping is high. Ping high means your network is not good and the game will be lagging and other players will take this advantage and finished you from the game. So you need a good VPN that gives you a low and good ping. 

Top 3 Best Free VPN For Pubg Lite:

    Now we will tell you about the best free VPN for Pubg lite Asia server. If you use these VPNs to play Pubg lite then you can play the game without any lag and your ping will be very low (about 40-60ms). So let's see the VPNs with High ranked to low


    WARP or whatever you want to say is the best VPN ever to play Pubg Lite. This VPN is freely available on Playstore and also free to use. And the most exciting thing is this app doesn't show you a single ad when you want to connect or disconnect the VPN. 

    It can give you the lowest ping without any payment. And if you use a good router then this VPN can give you 30-35ms. This app although has a paid option (rs.69/month) but you really do not need to pay anywhere, the free version of this app is excellent. So you must try this VPN for Pubg Lite. 

You can get this VPN from Playstore for absolutely free. 

2. Quick VPN 

    Quick VPN is also a good VPN to play Pubg lite. This is 2nd low ping VPN. If you use this VPN to play Pubg lite you can get a minimum of 40-60ms. It is also available on Playstore free of cost. This is free to use VPN and no in-app purchase. It means you do not need to pay for this app to use their service. 

    If you want to connect this VPN, you have to see one ad so that it can activate. This is a good thing that you don't need to pay to use their best service. Just connect to the Singapore server to play Pubg lite then you will get the best ping. 

This VPN is also available on Playstore and you can install it from there. 


    UFO is the last VPN that gives you a low ping for playing Pubg lite. UFO has a free option or a free option to use their service. But You no need to pay to use their service. You can easily use this VPN by watching an ad. 

    This VPN can give you 100-120ms. This VPN is for users who have a router or faster wifi. Because If you use your mobile network to use this VPN then the ping can be higher. So if you don't have a wifi connection then we don't recommend you to use this VPN. 

UFO VPN is available freely on Playstore and you can get it from there. 

Tips To Use VPN

  • Make sure your network is good otherwise your ping will be high whatever you use a paid VPN.
  • If you want to constant 20-25ms then you must have a wifi connection. Because any mobile network can not provide you this type of ping.
  • Don't share your internet with others during play Pubg lite with VPN. 
  • Do not do any data-consuming activity when playing Pubg lite. It's can affect your ping.

    So this is the best free VPN for the Pubg lite Asia server. Yes, if you play Pubg lite in the Asia server then you can get this type of ping. And if you play other servers then ping will be higher. We hope you liked our content. Please let us know how your experience in the comment box. If you have any doubts or questions you can also comment below. And for further queries please contact us at our official email address. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.

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