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Playstore Removed These 8 Bitcoin Mining Apps | See The Fake Earning App From your Phone

    Now after a long time finally Playstore removed 8 fake Crypto Mining apps. And you should definitely remove these apps from your phone because it is very harmful to your phone and your privacy. These apps are wasting your time and stealing your private data. The apps are looted over millions of dollars. See how the apps work and looting you.

We know what is trending today. Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin is one of the trendiest things today. Everyone wants to earn Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, mine Bitcoin in any way. And some apps developers are taking this advantage by making fake Bitcoin Mining and earning apps. Now in Playstore, 99% of earning apps are fake. They are just making you a fool by telling you that they will give you cash by completing tasks. You complete the tasks and all conditions and when you are going to withdraw your money then you see that they have some extra conditions to make a withdrawal request. And if you already completed all conditions and successfully made a withdrawal request then they will not pay you. They waste your time, efforts, and money. Some apps ask you to pay money first and said that they give unlimited money for a lifetime. Then once you give your money they give you nothing and your loss your money too. 

You complete some tasks and see ads, that is give money to app developers. Although you get nothing but the app developers earn thousands of dollars from the ads that you see. And only you, there are the millions of users who are also using the apps to earn. And now imagine without any extra investment the developers are generating millions of dollars with these fake apps. 

    Now we will talk about these types of 8 fake apps that are making you fool and generating millions. 

The 8 Fake Apps List See And Uninstall Now!

    As you know Playstore removed these 8 fake Bitcoin earning apps. Do you know the apps? Take a quick view and uninstall these apps if you have already installed these. 

The 8 Fake Bitcoin Mining Apps are-

1. BitFunds - Crypto Cloud Mining

    BitFunds is a Cloud mining app. You can mine BTC, ETH, BCH from this app. It was freely available in Playstore for more than one year. Since this time this app get millions of downloads and users. This app is a USA based company. It is easy to use and clean user experience app. That's why every user who downloads the app, continue it in the future. This app is a 100% fake app and doesn't give any payment. BitFunds app can be mine cryptocurrencies for you, but the interesting fact is you need to pay first to mine cryptos for the company. So that the app can give you payment. This app claim that if you purchase the minimum mining plan worth $15 then you can mine cryptos and generate income for a 1-year plan. And the highest membership plan is $120 for 1 year which gives you the highest income every day. 

And the more interesting fact is this app accepts payments only in Bitcoin or other cryptos, with no option to pay with Paypal or VISA payment. Because we all know that if you send payment via Cryptocurriences then anyone never knows the receiver or sender details. So many peoples waste their time and money on this app after that Playstore removed this app. 

2. Bitcoin Miner - Cloud Mining

    Bitcoin Miner is also a cloud mining app and also a fake app that was made by fake app developers. All mining apps are working at the same process as we said before on BitFunds. So we dont need to tell you more about these applications. The main link is all apps are fake and dont give you any money. They are just waste your time and loot your money. 

3. Bitcoin (BTC) - Pool Mining Cloud Wallet

    This app is like a Bitcoin wallet. You can store your earned Bitcoin in this Wallet. You can also mine Bitcoin and other cryptos from this app. But this app is actually a fake and fraudulent app. They give you just nothing. Once if you store your Bitcoin in this app wallet you will never be able to withdraw this. So Playstore removed this fake app on their platform.

4. Crypto Holic - Bitcoin Cloud Mining

    Crypto Holic is a cloud mining app. You can mine cryptos from your mobile phone easily with this app. The interesting fake fact is you can earn unlimited from this app with just one click. This app just shows you ads and generates their income in a huge number. But you get nothing after your full effort. So this app is also removed from Playstore.

5. Daily Bitcoin Rewards - Cloud Based Mining System

    This is an old Bitcoin mining app and running for more than 3 years. Daily Bitcoin Rewards is a Profesional looking and clean-to-use app. Very easy to use and gives you the chance to mine a huge amount of cryptocurrencies daily. But the fact is this is a fake app and doesn't pay any users. Just selling their fake membership and loot a big money from normal users. So this is also a fake app that was removed from Playstore. 

6. Bitcoin 2021

    As you can see from the name, Bitcoin 2021 is an all-new Bitcoin mining app. But at this low time, this app gains a huge size of active users. So you can see everyone now wants to earn and mine Bitcoin. And the apps are taking this advantage. So, it is also a fake earning app and you should uninstall this app if you have already installed it on your phone. 

7. MineBit Pro - Crypto Cloud Mining & BTC Minier

8. Ethereum (ETH) - Pool Mining Cloud

    So these are the apps that are removed from Google Playstore for fake and fraud activity. You can also understand that the need for earning sources and the Bitcoin Mining demand. So if you installed any app on your phone then uninstall it immediately. Because this app is harmful to you and your device. 

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