How To Run Any Android App On Your PC [Without Emulator] | Windows 10

Install And Run Any Android Application On Your Windows 7 or 10 PC | Android 11

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    Android app can not be run directly on a PC. But always we want to do some new things, that's why today I will talk about how can you install any app on your PC and run it without any 3rd party emulator. Because, although emulator is a platform where we can launch an app on our computer. But most of the emulator has lower android version like 7,8,9. And it uses your computer power very much with low performance. It does not matter how good an emulator you using and how good your PC specs, emulators are definitely lag when you playing a heavy game or a heavy task. 

    So the below way can help you to launch any android application on your PC. Now you can use the highest android version Android 11 or other lower version you want to use on your computer. You can resize it like a phone shape or a tablet also. At this place, you can install any app directly from Playstore with a Stock Android user experience. 

How Can I Run Android App On Windows Without Emulator? 

    Ok, now we will learn about to use an android app on your windows. So if you want to run an android application directly means install and run, then the app will not work on your PC. Because it is not possible that you are running an android app directly in windows. Although we know that the android app will be directly run in windows 11. But Windows 11 is coming, this version is currently officially unavailable to download for everyone. And no the maximum number of people are using windows 7 or windows 10. So first we need a medium to run our android app on our PC. 

    So now follow our instructions step by step and I hope you will better understand it easily. Let's see the steps 


First of all, we need a software which is called Android Studio. It is a product from Google. Actually, Android studio is a platform where developers can develop their apps. But we will not do this. There has also an option to create a virtual screen like TV, tablet, mobile, etc. And we will now make a virtual mobile on your PC with the latest Android 11 version. Now install the Android Studio software on your computer. Note that you need a minimum of 4GB RAM to run it on your PC.

    After installing the android studio software successfully go to the Configure setting and click on ADV Manager. The ADV means Android Virtual Device Mode. Here you can create your virtual android device. Now in the flash screen select Create Virtual Device option. Here you have to select the phone option and select your device model as you want to use and choose a size of your android screen. Then you will be redirected to the third screen. Here you have to select the android version that you want to run for your virtual mobile. You can also select how the quantity of RAM and storage that you want in your phone. Now select Android 11 and download the version for your mobile. It is approx 1GB to download the Android operating system. Note that the lower android version you download for your virtual mobile, the lower data you need to download the version. 

    If you have already done the above steps you can click the next button and finished all unzipping processes. After that, you will be redirected to the main screen where you can launch and close the virtual device. Also, you can customize the RAM and storage from here. Now click the play button and finally launch the virtual device.

    Then a virtual device will be open on your home screen you can also full screen the window as a landscape screen. There is a power button and you can switch on and off your phone from it. Also, the volume key helps you to up or down the phone volume. You can turn on the internet connection icon from the menu bar that's can help you to access the internet on the virtual device. Although the internet will be consumed from your PC internet. This system just helps you connect or disconnect the internet from your virtual device. 

Features Of The Virtual Device

  • This virtual device can be run on the latest Android 11.
  • You can feel it like a real smartphone.
  • It runs with stock android.
  • You can test any application if you made
  • Almost all apps that you can install on this device.
  • 100% smooth and clean experience.
  • No ads and no purchase.

So this is a way to use the android app on your windows computer. If you use this software you will be definitely satisfied. We hope you like this content. If you have any doubts or suggestions about this post comment to us below. For further queries contact us at our official email address. Thank you for reading.

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