How To Redeem: Paytm First Point Into Cash (₹1000) | Use Paytm First Point

 Redeem Your Paytm First Point Into Paytm Cash | Convert Paytm First Game Point 

    Now at this time, the maximum number of people are using Paytm for their daily online transactions, recharges, bill payments, etc. Because The online payment helps us to save our time. And if we talk about online payment; Paytm is the most preferred and easy to use application. It is also an Indian app, so it is also an app where people can trust most. 

    You definitely know that the online transaction gives us cashback or reward. As same as Paytm always gives you rewards for every online recharge and bill payment. And Paytm gives you Paytm First Point as a reward point. 

What Is Paytm First Point? 

    So, Paytm First Point is a point that's we can get as a reward from Paytm. When you make any transaction in Paytm either you get cashback direct into your Paytm wallet or you get Paytm First Point into your point wallet. So after the transaction, you will get a scratch card and when you scratch the card you get some cashback points on your account. With this Paytm first cashback point, you can redeem many deals, vouchers, and offers. Also, you can convert the Paytm first point directly into Paytm cash in your Paytm account. After all, Paytm First point is a way to give you rewards. 

Paytm First point is also called Paytm First Game Point because Paytm has its own Paytm First Game application where you can play games and earn points. That is added to your Paytm account automatically after winning points. 

What Is The Actual Value Of Paytm First Point?

    Paytm rewarded you with Paytm First Point; when they want to give you a reward but with a low amount. So you can realize that the Paytm first point value is not so high,

  • 100 Paytm First Point = ₹1 In Indian Rupee

So if you want to earn 1000 then you need 100000 Paytm First Point in your account. Although you can redeem your Paytm first point once you reached only 1000 Paytm First Point that is equal to 10. And this is the actual value of Paytm First Point. 

How To Redeem Paytm First Point Into Paytm Cash? 

    As you know the Paytm First Point is a cashback so it can be also redeemed into cash, vouchers, promo codes, and also Paytm cash. So now I am gonna show you that how can you use Your Paytm First Point and redeem into Paytm cash or convert it with deals and vouchers. So let's see the process

Voucher Redeem-

    First of all, you have to open your Paytm app on your phone. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Cashback & Offers. Here you can see your all cashback and points that you have earned. Now click Cashback Point and then click on Redeem Point. On this page, you can see your available points that's can be withdrawable. All the offers, deals, vouchers that can available to redeem are here. Here are many vouchers and deals for you to redeem at very low points. The offers are like-

  • Ganna
  • Myntra
  • Boat
  • Domino's
  • Hungama
  • Uber
  • Apollo
  • Rapido
  • Voot
  • Zee 5
  • KFC
  • Flipkart Gift Voucher
  • Cafe
  • more......

You can easily Exchange your Paytm First Points by simply clicking on the offer that you want to redeem. Here is only the Flipkart gift voucher available to convert your Paytm First Point into shopping gift vouchers. So your points redeem and shop for free.

Paytm Cash Redeem-

    The second thing that you can redeem with Paytm First Point is Paytm cash. Actually, it is not Paytm cash it is a Paytm gift voucher. Yes, you can also recharge, pay bills and shop with this cash but it is not withdrawable to a bank account or transferable to another Paytm wallet. You have already a separate account to hold this voucher money. Although you can enjoy this money as actual, so I don't think you have any problem with this Paytm gift voucher. You can redeem a Paytm gift card as low as 1000 points that are equal to ₹10. It will be instantly added to your Paytm gift voucher wallet once you redeem it successfully. You can also redeem Paytm Cash worth-

  • ₹10 = 1,000 Point
  • ₹50 = 5,000 Point
  • ₹100 = 10,000 Point
  • ₹250 = 25,000 Point

So these are the simple way to redeem Paytm First Point into Paytm cash. So go and withdraw it now.

How Can I Earn More Paytm First Point?

    If you want to get more Paytm First Point then it is not so difficult. Simply do more recharges like for your family members and friends via Paytm and earn extra Paytm First Point. Also, shop on Paytm Mall, make more online transactions with the Paytm app to get points. Now it's time to earn more Points. 

    Note carefully, this is the best and fastest way to earn Paytm First Points. First of all, go to the Paytm First Game app. This app is from a Paytm-owned company. Simply log in with your Paytm mobile number after that every day when you launch the app, you will get a chance to spin and earn more points from spin and playing free games in this app.

And this is how you can redeem your Paytm First Point into cash. We hope now you can use your Paytm First Point and take the benefit of these. If you have any questions or doubt regarding this article you can comment below and we will definitely reply to you as soon as possible. For further queries mail us at our email address. Hope you are glad to read this article. Thank you for reading. 

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