PUBG vs BGMI - What Is The Difference Between Them

 What Is The Main Difference Between PUBG And Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) | All Major And Minor Difference 

BGMI Lobby

    Indeed, PUBG came again by changing the name with Battlegrounds Mobile India. But here are some changes PUBG to BGMI. PUBG is basically a South Korean company. But a huge game can not run individually. So it has a partnership with Tencent.

     But Tencent is a china company. And for this Indian government banned PUBG from India. Because Tencent is a china company and this can take our data from the game. But now the BGMI is partnered with Krafton which is also a South Korean company. And there is no privacy issue against this company. PUBG and BGMI are almost the same as a gameplay experience. Also, the weapons, characters, maps,  user interface are as same as PUBG in BGMI. Now we will see the main difference between PUBG and BGMI. So let's see the differences. 

    Finally, after a long time, PUBG comes to India by changing the name BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). Now PUBG is totally banned in India, and BGMI is launched for Indian players. Now you can access only BGMI only in India. PUBG was an interesting game. But after it was banned from India for a privacy issue PUBG launched again in India with full privacy protection. So PUBG is back now in India but now this game name is Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG has a big market in India, that's why PUBG came back again. 

1. Only For India:- 

    So, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is only for Indian players. Although PUBG can be played all over the world. But at the moment BGMI is only available in India. And it can only be playable on Indian servers. If you are you are not in India you can not play this game. 

    India is a large country. As a gaming industry, India takes a good role. Since BGMI launched mainly in India, so the company made this game server only for India. Because this game is made for India.

2. Less Size To Download:- 

    Yes, BGMI size is less to download as compared to PUBG. This is because now you do not need a higher system requirement to play BGMI. Also, you need less internet to download this game. Before the ban, PUBG's downloading size was approx 1.6GB because there had many maps that were already downloaded. There was no way to download the game with short data. You could not also remove the maps that were you don't need. It was so irritative and data consuming process. 

    But now with BGMI, you can download it direct from the play store with just 731MB. And then you can download any map manually as your requirement. This is a good thing where more players can play BGMI with their low-end devices. 

3. No Red Blood:- 

    We are all human and we know that blood can violate our minds. Showing blood after death maybe not be suitable for everyone. Mostly for children, although the BGMI is not for under 18 years old children. If in the real PUBG game, user can change their damage effects to green, blue, red, and more colors. But in the BGMI game, the company noted this thing and now you can not see any red blood effects in this game.

    So you can change the damaging effect in only three colors like green, yellow, deep green, etc. By this step, BGMI covered a great point and it will also help BGMI to make stable and clean effects. After all, this is a good thing in this game.

4. Finished Not Killed:-

bgmi gun game winning image
Finishes Notice

    So now if you killed someone then you will be notified by finished. But in the PUBG game there if you kill someone you will see the killed massage. This is also a big difference between these games. 

    As we say before, violations are a matter for this game BGMI. Now PUBG company is more sensitive about violations. That's why you never see a single word like kill or killed or something like this. 

5. Warning In Every Match:- 

    For the PUBG game, there was not a single warning about gamer rest and break. But in the BGMI game, you can see many notifications about player's breaks and rest. 

    When you start any match in BGMI you can see and hear a notice and disclaimer which you have to accept before start playing. And there are no ways to skip and avoid this notice. For a lifetime and every time when you enter a match, you will see this notice. So it is a helpful thing for players. 

6. More Secured And Responsive:- 

    BGMI becomes more secured and privacy protected than PUBG. When you create a BGMI account then you must have to 18 years old or higher. You also can not play BGMI with other country players. Only with Indian players, you can play this game. You need to agree that, your parents agree that you are playing BGMI. But these restrictions are not available in PUBG. Can not spend more than Rs.7000 in a day in BGMI but PUBG has no limit like this. 

    And there is no doubt that BGMI is more secure and privacy protected than PUBG. This is because PUBG was banned from India for privacy issues. For heavy demand and competition, it comes back again with new privacy. Now they can not take any risk with BGMI. That's why the company made these restrictions and limitations for playing this game. And overall this is a great comeback for BGMI. 

    So this is the difference between PUBG and BGMI. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions you can simply comment below or directly contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading. 

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