Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) : July 2021 Latest Update 1.5

 Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Big Update Version 1.5 | All New Updates And Release Date

    After launched BGMI, in 1 month Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) the Indian game going to release an all-new update. This update is based on version 1.5 and it is the latest update ever in BGMI. So the BGMI works well because they are active in this game. BGMI game was launched in the play store on 17th June and from 2 July it was available for everyone to download. And now, in under 1 month, they pushed a big update for the BGMI game. Now for this update, BGMI will be quite changed. 

    Although BGMI launched in India, there are no changes to the gameplay experience between PUGB and BGMI. Read more to know all changes between BGMI and PUBG. So now to make the BGMI different they are announced to push an all-new and fresh update. 

What Are The Updates? 

    Now l will tell you what are the updates 1.5 in July 2021. So let's see the updates. 

MG3 New Gun:- 

    As you can see in this new update a new gun will be launch. Yes, it is called MG3, the lite machine gun. This gun can load up to 75 ammo. And this gun supports only 7.62mm ammo. It is quite an unstable gun and can support up to 6X scope. It is a rare gun, that's why this gun can only find in airdrops. 

    The latest thing is MG3 is will be alternate with M249. Since the starter, M249 was only available on airdrops and hit drops but now the M249 machine gun will be available anywhere and the new MG3 will take the place of M249

Throwable First Aid Kit:- 

    In the new 1.5 updates now you can throw the first aid kit. Yes, this is an all-new thing in BGMI. A player can throw their medicine to the other teammates when they need it most and the player can not go near the friend to receive a first aid kit.

    Players should carefully throw the first aid kit because when the player throws the first aid kit, it might be bounce and miss placed. Otherwise, this is also a good and helpful update.

Automatic Drop:- 

    Here are two updates on the map finally. The first update is when you are in plain or parachute you can now see the 3D location name. It can help you to easily navigate your destination. 

    Another update is now you can also set and lock your destination from the map and you can automatically drop in your area. For example, if you want to get off in Pochinki then you can mark the place you will automatically drop in Pochinki. 

Hyper Line:- 

    The hyper line is a special line where you can ride from station to station. You can not control the hyper line. This is a type of train line but it is not a train. This vehicle runs without any line. Its runs without any line but it is running with an invisible line. 

    As we know you can not control this vehicle to go to your destination but you can go to the place where it is going. Its means the hyper line runs station to station. The hyper line is unbreakable, anything can not destroy it. So this is also very helpful. 

Semi Truck:- 

    Another new vehicle is the semi truck. Where ever it is a truck but you can not drive or ride this vehicle. This vehicle is an automatic driving vehicle, it's run on the whole map. 

    If you found a semi truck then you can fire and destroy this vehicle. If you are able to destroy this vehicle completely then you can earn a bonus crate instantly and get premium loots. So semi truck is basically a loot cart vehicle that you have to destroy and loot. 

G-38 Vehicle:- 

    This is the latest and all-new vehicle in BGMI. The G-38 vehicle is like a futuristic vehicle. Only one player can ride and control this vehicle. This is a very strong and cool vehicle. 

    The G-38 vehicle is all in one. Because it can run on the road, hills, water easily. It has not any wheels, when you drive this vehicle it's slowly shifting up from ground and water also and runs without any problem. This vehicle is very interesting.

Air Conveyor:- 

    The Air Conveyor is the last vehicle in BGMI 1.5 update. This vehicle is basically a rocket launcher. Up to two players can ride this vehicle. This vehicle can find in some launching stations. And players can operate and ride this vehicle. 

    Although it is a rocket, it can not run outside the map or this vehicle has a limit to go up in the sky. You can go anywhere whit this Air Conveyor on the whole map.

ASM Abakan:- 

    ASM Abakan is a new gun in BGMI version 1.5, It is an AR gun and supports only 5.56mm ammo. This gun can load up to 40 ammo. This gun feels and looks like AKM. Also, it supports up to 6X scope. 

    This gun is a lite and high damaged gun. You can find this ASM gun anywhere and on any map. The most important thing is this hun is the first gun with runs with three mods. Auto, burst, and single all three mods can support this gun. 

Patrol Dog:- 

    Patrol Dog is a new robot dog in BGMI. This dog helps you to find the best loots and more things. You can find a patrol dog from the map with a 'puppy' icon. Although it is a machine dog. 

    This robot will follow you once you activate it. Then it will find you loots and crates for you. So this is also a good update from BGMI. And a very helpful thing.

Riot Shield:- 

    As you can see this is a shield. You can build this Riot Shield anywhere. It helps you to guard yourself and your teammate from firing and damages. It is a one-time placement shield, which means once you build it in a place you never remove or replace it. 

    This shield is very hard and it can give you cover. This will be helpful for us and protect us in the ground area where has no covers. 

Mini TV Ray:- 

Image from official BGMI youtube channel

    This is the thing that you love most. This is really like a lifetime bonus for us. Mini TV Ray is a small and cute robot. You can call it an assistant. This robot helps you to navigate everything easily. You can see it only in the lobby. 

    This robot also can make funny faces and movements and tell you jokes. This is so interesting. And you will definitely love it. 

Other Updates:- 

    Now we will see the minor updates which are very important for us. So read these carefully. 

  • 3rd person perspective camera view now can be set between 80-90. 
  • You can now properly see that from where your teammates are gating damage. 
  • Now some windows are made with glass that's can beak and get inside or outside. 
  • You can set now all the gun's gyro sensitivity separately. 
  • All guns attachments can per set.
  • Automatic pickup will be stopped when you using a medkit or health kit.
  • Royal pass session duration is now one month from two months.
  • When you win a classic match you can place a golden character statue. 
  • and more updates......

    So these are the Battlegrounds Mobile India new July updates 1.5 version. Many more other things have come in the new update. But these are the major and notable updates that I tell you. 
    We hope you like these post and it is also helpful to you. If you have any queries regarding this post you can simply lease comment below. And if you have further queries or need help you can also contact to our email id. Thanks for reading.

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