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    Cookies are an interesting and lightly hidden but very important part of the internet. And as an internet surfers, we definitely know about cookies. Cookies work whenever you surf the internet on your browser. Cookies basically work with browsers to access your and your data. It is a very smaller part of data that's through you be accessed. Cookies are an invisible part, but it has an identity or a logo as same as real cookies that we eat. Yes, which we bake and eat those cookies. Cookies are indicated with real-life cookies that we eat. Also, it is a very interesting thing. Because we can now edit the cookies and get direct access to the website that we want. It helps us to link ourselves and create an identity direct with websites. Many websites are pop up their cookies rules when you open these. And you must agree with the cookies rules to use their service. 

What Is A Cookie?

    A cookie is generally small but important data that is stored in your computer or smartphone memory. It works in your browser which you use to access websites. When you visit a website and do any activity like log in or store any type of data, then all activity is saved as a date in your device memory. you can check your cookies direct from your browser setting. 

    If you open that website again, you might be not to do re-login to access that site. Or if you do any activity on that site, the activity and data might be as it was. And this is the power of cookies. 

    Now if you delete all cookies from your browser setting, then you must do a re-login to access the site again. And all activities would be deleted. 

Here You Can See The Cookies Instruction As Per Your Browsers:-

  • Google Chrome: See here
  • Mozilla Firefox: See here
  • Internet Explorer: See here

How Can You Disable Cookies?

    You can also disable the cookies that you provide on different websites. You have all rights to decide which site will track you and which not. So you can go to your browser setting and click 'Cookies and other site settings. Here you can manage cookies. 

    Here are few options that you need to be understood. First of all the number one option is 

1.allow all cookies. That means you agree with all types of cookies that websites want during browsing. For example, your login activity or the details you saved on the site and third-party cookies that the websites use to track you or show you ads. We do not recommend you to use this option usually. And the second option is

2.Block third-party cookies in incognito. This option is just for incognito mode. It helps you to block third-party cookies in incognito mode, during browsing only in incognito mode or private mode. If you turned it on there is no mean when you browse the normal tab. You are also agreeing to the sites to use their all cookies to you wherever you turned this option on. So this is not a good option to browse in a normal tab. 

3.Block third-party cookies. If you turn on this option on your browser, then no one website would be able to track you, and also they can not optimize their ads based on you. And the advantages are you will be able to save login information and you can see which products you have saved on your cart. So this is a good and helpful option for us. And we highly recommend you to use this option in your browser. 

4.Block all cookies. This option means you are disabling all cookies against websites. Although you are blocking all cookies and become a safe internet surfer, after that you will not be able to save your login page and the item that you saved in your cart. So there is also a disadvantage to using this option. You can also go for this option if you agree with these conditions. 

    You can also clear all cookies from here. And choose the option to clear all cookies and data after left the browser. Note Cookie is not a bad element. Cookies help us to remember data for a short time and we have all control over it. Just we need to use cookies properly. 

How To Use Cookies?

    Mainly cookies saved your data and login details when you log in and browse on a site. For example, you purchased a Netflix premium account. Now when you log in on your Netflix account, Netflix will create unique cookie data that will be saved on your device memory. 

    Now, this cookie is your identity that you are a member of Netflix and who browsing this Netflix account that is you. And if you clear the cookie that Netflix made for you then you will be signed out from your account and you have to re-login on it.

And now we will learn in-depth about cookies, edit with extension, and more. So read this below article carefully.

How can you use cookies and edit with extension:- 

    You can use cookies to use other's accounts or provide others to use the same account. And now it is possible with some browser extensions. Here is the extension that you need for this process. Cookie-Editor 

    For example, my friend Akash has a skillshare premium account. And I want to use his account on my computer. Akash provides me the skillshare account cookie, now I can able to use his account. now let's see how can I do this step by step. 

    At first, download any cookies editor extension from your extension store. I am using the chrome extension store. And add the extension to your browser. 

    First of all, go to the main site where you want to get account access. I going to skillshare main site. Because I have skillshare premium account cookies. Now active the cookie-editor extension which you install. 
    After that, you can see many resources about your current account status. Now click the delete icon to delete your current account status and import a new account.

    Now click the import icon and paste the cookie into the blank page like this. And Refresh your page. Please note that cookies support the only JSON form. So paste the correct file that you received. Otherwise, it will not work. 

    Once you refresh the page, congrats you have successfully imported the cookie file. Now you can use this premium account. And there will nothing to do more. 

NOTE:- If an account is not logged in after import the cookie and refresh the page then you have to understand the cookie is expired and need to update a new cookie or the account password is changed. 

How To Provide Cookie To Others?

    If you have a premium account and you want to provide your account to others, then you can simply log in to your main premium account and activate the cookie-editor extension. Now click on the export option beside import. There you can see a JSON file format. And this is your premium account cookie. Simply copy the cookie and send the cookie to other. And they can also import it with the same method and use your account. 
    This lesson is only for knowledge and we don't support any illegal activity. If you have any questions about this lesson you can comment below or contact directly to us. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading. 

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