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    YouTube - is one of the popular platforms in the world after Google and Facebook. Now everyone using youtube daily and spending a huge time in a day. YouTube was launched on 14 February 2005; by three talented PayPal founders with 65 employees. After that YouTube was being a popular platform all over the world. In one year YouTube gained over 25 million active viewers. Because that time, there was available no video streaming platform after YouTube. And in 2006 more than 20,000 videos were uploading per day. Then YouTube was serving more than 100 million videos per day. In a Short time, YouTube gained very much popularity, love, and support from users. 

Then at that time, the world's biggest search engine Google launched 'Google Video'. But this project was failed to gain more traffic than YouTube. Then November 2006 Google purchased the YouTube platform for $1.65 billion. And Google also had to take previous 65 YouTube employees at the job. After that Google continued to modify YouTube better. In 2010 YouTube upgrade video quality 360p to 480p and 1080p. And then in 2012 YouTube up to 4k. The 360° videos are available on YouTube from 2015. Youtubers generate income from ads that are shown on youtube videos and YouTube gets some commission from video ads. In 2020 YouTube generates almost $2000 crores. After all, we can say YouTube is a great and helpful platform. That gives us a big opportunity to show our talent to everyone. And also make a platform that allows us to make a huge amount of money (by talent).

Top 10 Interesting YouTube Statistics:-

    We all use YouTube, but do you know about YouTube. Now we will know the top Interesting statistics and facts about YouTube. We hope you will be glad to know these interesting statistics about YouTube. Now let's see the facts below - 

1. Statistic:

    The first video on YouTube? Yes, do you know what is the first video on YouTube? I think you know that. The first video which was upload on YouTube is 'Me at the zoo'. Here is the video for you

    Wait, but do you know who is the person in the video? He is Jawed Karim from the United States. And he is co-founder of YouTube. He shoots this video at a zoo. And he uploaded this video on 24 Apr 2005 as a test video. And now this channel named 'Jawed' has 1.92 million subscribers and gained 168 million views on YouTube. And the interesting fact is although this is the first video on YouTube, this channel has only one video. 

2. Statistic:

    The most viewed video on YouTube? Do you know what is the most viewed video on YouTube? This is 'Baby Shark Dance' by Pinkfong Songs & Stories youTube channel. This video was uploaded on 18 Jun 2016, almost 4 years ago. And now this video gained 8.6B views and 49M, subscribers. Now this time this is the more viewed video on YouTube. 

    This channel is basically a virtual cartoon graphics-making channel, that is for kids. This channel is joined YouTube on 14 Dec 2011. It is a very active YouTube channel and uploads at least one or more videos every day. And now it is the most-viewed YouTube channel.

3. Statistic:

    The most liked video on YouTube? Do you know what is the most liked video on YouTube? We all heard the Despacito song and this song is the most liked video on YouTube. This video was uploaded on 13 Jan 2017 by 'Luis Fanci'. The Despacito song got 55M likes on YouTube. And this is the most liked video on YouTube. 

    This video is also the second most viewed video on YouTube. 'Luis Fanci' YouTube changed is owned by Luis Fanci, who is professionally an artist and choreographer. He started the YouTube channel on 25 Feb 2014. His song Despacito got 7.3B views with 30M subscribers. 

4. Statistic:

    Incognito In YouTube? Do you know that you can use YouTube in Incognito mode? All browsers have an incognito mode for using 3rd party websites and tools. But if you don't know YouTube has also an Incognito mode option. Yes, YouTube has an option where you can access Incognito mode. It is only available in the mobile version of YouTube. 

    In the account option of the YouTube app, you can turn on Incognito mode. Once you turned it in you will be signed out from your main account, all videos on the home page will be from trending videos, all videos that you watch in incognito mode may not save in history, and recent searches maybe not be saved. 

5. Statistic:

    The most disliked video on YouTube? Do you know about the most disliked video on YouTube? Hmm, this is very interesting. The most disliked video is owned by YouTube's own channel. YouTube upload a video in 2018 about YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controles Rewind. And this video is now popular for most disliked videos on YouTubes. This video got 19M dislikes, which is a big size of dislikes. 

    This video was upload as a series of YouTube Rewind for 2018 as same as every year. But most people have disliked the 2018 rewind video. So this video got 19 million dislikes and 3 million likes whit 216 million views. 

6. Statistic:

    2 out of 4 Red Diamond Play Button in India? Really? can you believe that 2 out of 4 Red Diamond Play Button are owned only in India! Yes, this is a very proud thing. YouTube gives a Red Diamond Play Button for the creates who complete 100 million subscribers on their channel. And now at the moment, there is 4 channel that achieves 100 million subscribers. The first 100 million gained channel is T-Series, which is an Indian Bollywood movie promoting channel. And this channel gets the first Red Diamond Play Button in the world with 100 million subscribers. Now T-Series has 185 million subscribers and is the world's top YouTube channel.

    And the second Indian YouTube channel that gets Red Diamond Play Button is SET India. This is also a Hindi entertaining channel. And it also achieves 100 million subscribers. SET India is also the world's 4'th top YouTube channel. 

    That's all here are the top 6 interesting YouTube statistics. And we hope you liked it the most. And if you have any queries regarding this topic you can comment billow or direct contact to me. thank you for reading. 

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