How A search Engine Works: Google, Bing, Yahoo!

 What Happens When You Use A Search Engine? | How It's Works? | Top 10 Search Engines In The World

What Is A Search Engine? (Short)

    Every day when we search for anything on the internet, then search engine works. We simply search and receives our information, but there many things that happened in the search engine to show you the particular information for you. Search engines place a main role on the internet. We can not search and surf the internet without search engines. We also can not search for a particular thing properly without a search engine. Now everything on the internet we can find by searching in search engine. Every smallest information is available on the internet which we can fetch by the search engine. The world's first popular search engine was Yahoo! in 1994. Then Google's search engine officially launched in 1998. And the Google search engine is the world's biggest and most popular search engine. People search on Google 4.0 million times in a minute, 240 million times in an hour, 5.7 billion per day, and 1.7 trillion searches every year. And it is continually growing up every day. 

What Is Search Engine Explain?

    Search Engine works based on SEO. The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Mainly the internet has three lairs 1. Surface web, 2. Deep web, 3. Dark web. Surface web indicates the information which is available publically. Like any public profile on social media, any video which publically available on youtube, it's mean any photos, blogs, videos, profile, websites is a part of the surface web. And search engines can show you only the surface web. Now SEO is the most important thing for search engines. Search engines can not show you your requirement without SEO. Now SEO (search engine optimization) is works based on keywords. If you publically write any content about 'Dog Food', then this keyword (Dog Food) can be a part of SEO. Now this keyword will be index in Google or other search engines. Then if anyone searches anything with the keyword 'Dog Food', your post or content can be shown in the search result. So SEO is the most important thing for a search engine. The index time is based on where you are writing. 

How Search Engine Index A Content?

    When you post content on a social media platform, your post can be shown in search engine's search result. This is because search engines index your post. Now how search engines index your post? It's possible for Crawlers. Yes, every search engines have a particular crawler that crawls and indexes your post in a particular search engine. Crawler is a type of bot. It runs whole the internet and sites. It reaches a particular time in a site like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and all the websites that are available on the internet. It reads all the content like title, name, tags, and other details. Then it carries all information on its search engine. Then the search engines able to show you the content or post. Crawlers differ for every search engine. And the interesting factor is every crawler has its particular name like Google crawler name is Googlebot, Bing crawler name is ADLDxBot, Yahoo crawler name is Slurp, etc. Crowlers can your post if you are allowing them or your post is publically available. 

Is Youtube Consider A Search Engine?

    However, Youtube can be used as a social media platform, but most of the time Youtube uses for search video content. And the most important thing is Youtube is the world's 2'nd biggest search engine after Google. Most of the time when people do anything they use Google and Youtube that is also a product of Google. Although youtube does not need any manual crawler. Youtube is a platform-based app youtube shows you only the videos which are upload on youtube. All videos and video details are directly transferred to youtube's own database. Youtube only works as a search engine. Your search for or more keywords and youtube shows you that keyword-related content videos. That's all.

What Is The #1 Search Engine Today?

    In today's time, Google is the number 1 search engine In the whole world. Because Google is a large authority-based company, Google is a more user-friendly, more SEO-optimized search engine. That's why 92.26% of searches are happening in only Google all over the world. So no doubt Google search engine is the world's largest search engine. 

Top 10 Search Engines In The World?

    Here are all 10 search engines by most popularity in 2021:

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo
  4. Baidu
  5. Yandex
  6. DuckDuckGo
  8. Ecosia
  10. Internet Archive

1. Google 

    Google is now the world's biggest search engine. It is a united state-based company. Google launched officially in 1998. It is a worldwide search engine. 

Monthly searches- 170 Billion

Search Engine rank- 1

Search Rate- 92%

2. Bing 

    Bing is the second popular search engine. Bing is powered by Microsoft. It officially launched in 1992. It is also a worldwide search engine. Bing has a big market in the overall world.

Monthly Searches- 12 Billion

Search Engine rank- 2

Search Rate- 4%

3. Yahoo 

    Yahoo is also a big search engine. With third-ranked all over the world. Yahoo has a big marketplace on the internet. Yahoo knows as a small business platform. Now it has a search engine. 

Monthly Searches- 8 Billion

Search Engine rank- 3

Search Rate- 2%

4. Baidu 

    Baidu is a very popular search engine that is ranked place is fourth in all over the world. Baidu is the more popular search engine in China. Because china owns this search engine and there was google enable to run as per china's government rule. 

Monthly Searches- 6 Billion

Search Engine rank- 4

Search Rate- 1%

5. Yandex 

    Yandex is one of the popular search engines. It takes 5'th position all over the world. Yandex knows for being the big marketplace on the internet. 

Monthly Searches- 4 Billion

Search Engine rank- 5

Search Rate- <1%

6. DuckDuckGo 

    DuckDuckGo is a decent search engine. It carries a large marketplace. With its search engine, it takes 6'th rank all over the world. DuckDuckGo search engine works with other search engine index queries. 

Monthly Searches- 3 Billion

Search Engine rank- 6

Search Rate- <1%

7. is a question-answer type search engine. It was first found in 1996. It takes huge traffic every month. Globally search engine position is 7'th. is mainly a query-solving platform. 

Monthly Searches- 1 Billion

Search Engine rank- 7

Search Rate- <1%

8. Ecosia 

    Ecosia is a social search engine. Ecosia is partnered with Bing. So all search results are shows from the Bing search engine. Ecosia is mainly working for planting trees. It makes money by displaying ads on search results. Every time on ad click Bing paid them. 

Monthly Searches- 700 Million

Search Engine rank- 8

Search Rate- <1%

9. is a small search engine. It is a network-based search engine that follows many popular websites to collect information. It was found in 2015. And it takes place under the top 10 search engines. 

Monthly Searches- 400 Million

Search Engine rank- 9

Search Rate- <1%

10. Internet Archive

    Internet Archive is a serial search engine. It is used to view website overview, history, etc. It is very helpful as a tool. It was found in 1996. And now it is in the top 10 search engines. 

Monthly Searches- 200 Million

Search Engine rank- 10

Search Rate- <1%

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