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PUBG Mobile Lite Free BC Generating Tricks | Get PUBG MOBILE LITE Elite Pass For Free With 280 BC

pubg lite free bc 2021
What Is BC In PUBG Mobile LITE? 

     PUBG MOBILE (Players Unknown Battle Ground) is the most favorite game in the world. And PUBG Mobile LITE is the lite version of the PUBG MOBILE Game. Here we will discuss Pubg mobile lite free bc. As we know PUBG MOBILE has UC (Unknown Cash) and we can purchase these from it

  • Battle Pass.
  • Outfits.
  • Parachute Skins.
  • Treasures.
  • Gun skins.
  • Treasures.
  • Emotes.
  • Companions.
  • Vehicle skins.
  • More.

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As same as BC ( Battle Coin) is a currency that is used in PUBG Mobile Lite. By the Battle Coin, you can buy the same things as Elite Pass, Creates, Outfit, Gun skins, etc. BC is an expensive coin which value is almost $0.01 in USD and ₹1.5 in INR. You can buy this coin from the direct game app or Pubg official selling site Midasbuy
       It is very easy to buy in Midasbuy or from the direct game. In INDIA PUBG and PUBG Lite are banned. So at this moment, you cannot buy BC direct from the game app in INDIA country. But other regions can buy from both. So Indian players need to buy it from Midasbuy with some simple tips. To buy from Midasbuy just go there and enter your Pubg player ID and proceed to pay and get your Bc instant in your Pubg or Pubg Lite account. For an Indian player, you need to use a VPN for your successful transaction. 
This is how you can get Bc by money.

Now How To Get Free BC And Upgrade Your Elite Pass? 

    Everyone has not enough money to spend in-game. But we are also want to upgrade our account. As we know PUBG and Freefire do have not any free option to upgrade your Elite Pass or top-up without making any purchase. But in the PUBG Mobile Lite, we can get Bc for free and purchase Elite Pass or buy any other things. This is a very good opportunity for us. Fast of all connect your VPN to Singapore and open PUBG Lite and ensure that you have a good internet connection. Now go to the Mission section in the right corner of the lobby. These are all your daily missions.

   Then tap GO and you will be able to see video ads which are about 30 seconds each. For Indian players watching ads may not be counted successfully. So there has a trick to make it successful.

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    And the trick is, after watching the full ad don't press the cut button instant. At the moment after watching the full ad a half-screen window will be open automatically. And there is the trick, now scroll down and up the half window screen for a minimum of 1 minute. Then you can close the half window and finally the ad screen. After that, your ad-watching ad will be definitely counted successfully. Continue this process 3 times because you need to watch 3 ads per day to get a free 5 BC in PUBG Lite. Then tap the collect button and get 5 BC. From this process, you can get 5 BC per day. And this is a very good thing. 

You need a minimum of 280 Bc to make a purchase in Elite pass. So you need at least 280÷5 = 56 days to upgrade your Elite pass or Winner pass. That is a very patience full process to earn BC. And this is the process that how you get BC for free. 

 Now how can you get free PUBG Lite BC?

    Generate free Bc without any effort, but how? all control of transferring Bc is under the PUBG (Players Unknown Battle Ground) Company. Anyone cannot generate free unlimited Bc and transfer to a Pubg account. If you are searching free bc generating tool all-time in a day, you are wasting your time. Stop searching 'Free BC Generator Tool'. Because there is no tool to give you free BC in real life. Note, there are all fake guys who tell you for free bc and at last, you get nothing and they generate profit from your task. So don't go for these. Here is nothing for you without money or free. So don't waste your time, be patience and keep watching video ads if you need BC for free. Or you can also buy Bc at a low price from Midasbuy.

Another way to earn PUBG Lite Free Bc? 

     You can earn Bc for free in another way. Here is the last way to earn free bc fast. Some earning apps are giving you free bc. They give you bc absolutely free of cost. You can earn free bc by doing some simple tasks like playing games, watching ads, quizzes, pools, etc. But most apps are fake although those are already in the play store. That's why I am telling you about some real and legendary apps. Which are really gives you BC.

Rooter is also a good app to get free UC and bc. So you can try it for free and earn Pubg Lite free 280 BC by doing some simple tasks. Install and try Rooter now to get an additional 200 Coins free.

    So the first app which gives you free bc is mGamer. This is a free and trusted app. You can earn Bc, UC, Dimond, and also Paytm cash. You can try this app at least once. Fast of all go to the play store and download the mGamer app and simply signup on it by your email account or your mobile number. After successful login, you will able to see some tasks are glowing on the first page. The tasks are like watch videos, play games, lucky draw, play quizzes, complete surveys, etc. You have multiple sources of earning. In the app, every coin you will earn is equal to ₹0.01 it means every 100 coins value is ₹1.00 and it is a very good thing. You can earn at least ₹20-₹30 every day from this app. Use my mGamer promo code (0Zwba29W3W) to get an additional 250 coins.

And from the reward section, you can redeem your coin to UC, BC, Dimond, Paytm cash. In this app, you can redeem a minimum of 1000 coins which is equal to ₹10. And minimum BC redemption is 96 UC which is a cost equal to 7400 coins. And I hope you can do this in a maximum of 5 days. This is a great thing for you. After you earned 7400 coins go to the reward section and scroll down to find Bc redeem offer. Then redeem your Bc by adding your Pubg lite account id. After successful redemption waits at least 24 hours and checks your Pubg Lite mailbox where you will be able to claim your Bc in your account finally.

    And the second application which gives you Bc, UC, Dimond, Paytm cash is Rooter. It is also a 100% genuine app which pays you. It is the same as the mGamer app. Here you can earn money by like on posts, create a post, streaming live, and doing more tasks. Here also 100 coins are equals to ₹1. You can redeem a minimum of 3000 coins from the Rooter app. And that's all.

    So this is the process to generate free 280 bc in Pubg lite 2021. We hope you liked our content. If you have any questions about this topic, you can tell us in the comment box or directly contact us. For further queries contact us at our email address. Thank you for reading this article. 


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