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 One Of  The Most Popular Search Engine - Ecosia | Honest Review With Full Case study | Search And Plant A Tree For Free

What Is Ecosia?

    Ecosia mainly is a search engine like Google. If we search anything in Google show us the search-related result. As same as Ecosia can show you the result which you search from it. Ecosia was launched on 7th December 2009. So Ecosia made their popularity by creating a project with their search engine. Yes, I am talking about nature and the ecosystem. Ecosia made a project to make our world naturally healthy. Mainly they are plant trees, not only trees a large number of trees in a year. This is their main work, they plant trees from the maximum amount they earned from their search engine. Ecosia spent millions of dollars every year to plant trees. By their calculations, they plant more than one tree every second. Their main purpose is planting and less pollution, make forests for animals, make food trees and fight against hunger. They plant trees where trees are needed most. From their website, we can know all the data like how many plants they planted, etc. Ecosia is the first search engine that takes this type of step and this is a very good thing. And now Ecosia is under the top 10 search engines all over the world. 

How Ecosia Make Money To Plant Trees?

    Ecosia is a search engine, and as we know search engines generate their income from ads. Ecosia is also generating its income by showing you ads on the top of searches. On every search you do on the Ecosia search engine, you can some ads on top of search results. So if anyone searches and clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays Ecosia and they generate income. 

    They also generate their income by selling some products like t-shirts, jumpers, kid's wear, tote bags, wall arts, etc. They sell all their products with their own branding (Ecosia). Ecosia always tried to avoid using plastic and other non-biodegradable materials to manufacture products and shipping also. You can buy Ecosia products direct from here.

    And many other ways they have to make money. Their main motive is to make our nature healthy, that's why they invest up to 80% every year for this project. 

How Does Ecosia Plant A Tree Every Second?

    If you go to Ecosia's main site you can see how many trees are planting at the same time and how many are planted. This the update that how many trees are planting by users using the search engine. They always plant trees where they needed most, and the places are Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Madagascar, Peru, Indonesia, Morocco, Brazil, Nicaragua, and many more countries.
    When a user searches on the Ecosia search engine then the user can see ads on top of results. And if the user clicks on those ads, Ecosia store at least 80% (for planting) of advertisers pays Ecosia. You can see a counter in the top right corner. When you do a search on Ecosia there will be 1 plus. And by the Ecosia search system, you have to do 45 searches to plant a tree. When you search 45 times on the Ecosia search engine time, you will plant a tree by Ecosia search engine. Now Ecosia plants a tree every 0.8 seconds. Ecosia planted over 125 million trees all over the world. 

How Ecosia Search Engine Works?

    Although Ecosia is one of the greatest search engines, it is works based on other search engines. This is true that Ecosia is powered by Microsoft Bing. Not only bing but also Yahoo! and other search engines. Because these engines are very popular. And do you know Microsoft Bing is the world's second-biggest search engine after Google? So, all search results and ads are shows from bing. 
    Bing was launched in 2009 and just some months ago Ecosia was founded. So they made their partnership and Ecosia focused on its main intention to planting. It is now also a popular company and they continue growing up since 2015. The ads that are powered by bing, show tope on every search result. And if anyone clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays bing, and bing pays directly to Ecosia. 

What Are The Main Motives Of Ecosia?

    Ecosia is normally working to make our earth healthy and create an eco-friendly system for us. But they mention there are three main motives on the main site.

1. Completely Transparent

    Ecosia really maintains a transparent system. They publish their financial report every month. They want to make their system more friendly. So they reveal how much they earn, how much they spending on planting in a particular month, and more statements. You can also see how much money they invest in your country and how many trees are planted in your area and since when. For example;

In April 2021 they published an India report:

  • Total invest 55,746€ 
  • Total trees planted 1,267,794
  • Total hectares restored 392 
  • And it is continued since 2019

2. More Than CO2 Natural

    Ecosia is a company that wants to less the CO2 from the earth. They continued trying to make nature beautiful and healthy. That's why they use renewable energy to operate their server. they use solar energy to run servers. And since 2020 when people search on Ecosia search engine, Ecosia using 100% renewable energy

    They never use fuel to process their servers and make energy. And they do not use any type of plastic to manufacture their products. They removed almost 3 million tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. And you can remove 1 kg CO2 from every search you do on the Ecosia search engine. And it means that if Ecosia was greater than Google, Ecosia could be removed 15% of CO2 fr5om our atmosphere. 

3. Privacy-Friendly 

    Ecosia is very strict about its privacy protection. They do not use your search keywords to make a profile. They remove your searches within a week to make a strong bonding with users. 

    They never sell your data to advertiser's companies. Also, they don't track you. And they collet your small data to improve their system. They recommend you to keep on the 'do not track' option from your browser. They do not use third-party trackers to track you. 

How To Use Ecosia?

    You can use the Ecosia search engine from your desktop and mobile both. and if you want to set Ecosia to make the default search engine then you have to install the Ecosia search extension in your chrome browser from here

Final Review Of Ecosia: There is no doubt that Ecosia's search engine company is more transparent and friendly than other companies. But the above details are we collect from their official website. And we do not support and dis supports any type of company. We are just collect and show you the information that is you don't know. 

    Whoever this is a good thing which Ecosia doing. If really. And then all are depending on you, if you believe or not. But however, Ecosia is some too much or not although they are at least working and trying to make our nature healthy. 


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