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  Simple Way To Boost Your YouTube Channel By Making Short Videos - Get More Views And Monetize Your YouTube Channel Fast

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What is the benefit of creating a YouTube channel?

      In 2021 our life is nothing without Facebook and Whatsapp. We are also involved in our life at Google. So on this day if we have any problem or other perps like information, entertainment, etc we will definitely go to YouTube. YouTube is a free platform to share your information and talent. Anyone can upload their YouTube video by making a free YouTube channel. By making youtube videos you can get many things from it. You can get Subscribers, views, popularity, and definitely earn money from it. YouTube is a great platform to show yourself. You can get video views from direct YouTube and also sharing your video links to other platforms. Once you get popular on YouTube you can earn decent money from your videos. But According to YouTube Terms & Conditions, you need to gain 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of watch time in the last 12 months. 

How to create a free YouTube channel?
        To create a free YouTube channel you need to create a Google account first. After that, you need to go to youtube.com and SIGN IN. After clicking the SIGN IN button click Create a channel.

Then click Get Started button to continue. Now to create your profile click the Select button :

After that choose a sweet name related to your subject, then right-click the above check box and tap Create button. After Create a Channel Name Upload a Profile Picture.

Now write a description with a minimum of 35 words :
Write Description - By TechnoHosters

Then add your Social Links giving above the boxes, like your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you have, and click Save And Continue button :

Now you are all set, From here you can Customise And Manage your Video. And you can upload your videos.
After following these processes you are ready to upload your videos on youtube. Please follow the process step by step to less your issue. Select the upload button and upload your video on youtube. It may take some time to upload your video on youtube successfully. Actually, the uploading time depends on your youtube video's size, which means how your video is long by size( MB, GB ). 

How To Start Your YouTube Channel With 0 Views And 0 Subscribers?

        To start a YouTube channel with 0 views and 0 subscribers you need to have some patience. Because now, to be a YouTuber for the first time subscribes and views gaining is very difficult. On the youtube platform, many established YouTubers are already achieved their subscribers and viewers. And the established YouTuber's number is too much. But from time to time the viewers are also growing. So we need to follow some steps to gain viewers and subscribers. Here are the printable tips to apply in your youtube carrier 

  • Upload your youtube at a particular and regular time.
  • Select your video to a particular category or subject.
  • Create a nice and sweet Title for your Youtube video.  
  • Write an SEO-friendly article for your Description.
  • Create the best Thumbnail For your video.
  • Give your best to create your video             
  • Whenever you making a video don't take any stress and describe the subject as best as you can.             
  • Every time think as a viewer that how your viewer reacts after watching your video and improve yourself.     

 Don't go the wrong way to get inactive subscribers. It will effects bad for your channel.

After upload, 10-12 videos get ready to share your videos with your friends, family, and your social account. But don't inactive after these. 
       Please read the upper points carefully and don't think you will not be successful. You will definitely be a successful YouTuber if you follow these tips. The first time when you start a channel the most important thing is views and for the first time, you need to share your videos with every platform and social site. And this is the most important thing. Let people know about your youtube channel and request them to support you. After these efforts, your channel will 101% get a boost. But you also have to make a helpful video for your audience. And that's all

How To Boost Your YouTube Channel With Low Efforts? 

          Although the first time we need to take efforts to views and watch time. Here are the 100%  useful tips to gain views on your YouTube channel. Fast of all we will talk about the YouTube Shorts videos. This is the most useful feature on youtube. Although YouTube Shorts is in Beta mode at the moment this feature will still available in the future. And now What Is YouTube Shorts? This is like Reels where you can see short videos randomly. And this is the good point that YouTube shows you short videos randomly. People watch your video randomly, so they want or not you got views and also watch times. Now to boost your youtube channel quickly make interesting and informative short videos in 30 to 60 seconds each. And upload them every one and two days. After that see the result. I am retelling that if your video has no power then no means what you are doing. Make content full of videos, give your best, give efforts, take YouTube like a passion, and be a successful YouTuber.

These are some simple Tips & Tricks to be a successful YouTuber. And also Tips from 8 years of experienced YouTubers. If you like this post mention a comment in the below comment box. Also, have any questions or doubts? write in the comment box. We will definitely help you. 

And The Most Important Tips:

    Please stay updated every day and tell your audience to support you. Stay lightly in front of your audience. Make a good behave that you are always there to help your audience. Stay open and make a community with your viewers. And you will be definitely a successful YouTuber. We hope you are learn something good for your carrier. If you have any questions you can simply write in comment us or directly contact with us and we will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you for reading. 

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